City Brochure (Oct 2021)

Seat & Bath Panel Solutions Warwick Traditional Seat £96 Soft Close Seat with handle Available in Grey or White 435 (L) x 355 (W) mm Tile Backing Board Bath Panels Tile your Bath Panel 1850 x 760 mm £63 850 x 600 mm £27 Supplied with Support Legs. Support Legs Bidet Soft Close Seat 430 - 474 (L) x 370 (W) mm £215 Fits Compact, Gisele & Resort Pans Manual Function, Self cleaning nozzle & Quick release for easy clean Can be cold feed or pre-mixed hot/cold feed. Convert WC into Bidet Was £99 Now £69 Illuminated Seat £69 Heavy Duty Soft Close Seat Detachable for Easy Cleaning Battery powered LED Lights Activates detection by illuminating. 440 (L) x 375 (W) mm 101 Toilet Seats INDEX